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Electing to vote

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I did my civic duty this morning and voted in Indiana's primary. And you know what? It feels pretty good.

Honestly, I don't recall the last time I voted in a primary. My initial thought is because I've never bothered to register until much closer to the general election, but that hasn't held true since they passed the motor-voter laws. So I guess it's largely been a case of apathy or forgetfulness. In fact, many times in the past I'll hear about primary results on the evening news and say, "Oh, hell, was that today?"

A lot of it, too, seems to be the fact that primary elections in Indiana usually don't have much effect on national candidates (and local races are rarely hotly contested within a given party). By the time May rolls around, it's the usual case that the "presumptive" candidates have already been chosen (much like John McCain). So it's rare indeed that there are two candidates still vying for their party's nomination this late in the season.

On another note, I don't feel I'm at liberty to divulge who I voted for. To me, it's a personal decision that each citizen should make on his own, based on available facts. I will say I'm conservative, but not necessarily Republican, and I do find this election's slate of candidates (from all parties) less than desirable. I'm still undecided for November.

Or, maybe I'll write my own name in! Vote for me! Vote for me!

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