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In which the zoo is visited and nyuks are had by all

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Having some lovely weather last week, the missus and I decided to take a trip to the zoo while the kids were in school. Yeah, that's right. Without the kids. Doesn't matter, because they don't like the zoo anyway.

The highlight of our visit was the poor jaguar, who thought my wife's purse was either the coolest thing ever or prey just out of reach. (She's obviously and rightfully very proud of her Coach purse.)

We attracted a small crowd that was kept pretty entertained for a good three minutes. We finally left because my phone was full and I couldn't shoot any more video.

There was also a peacock that didn't seem to have much issue with having dozens of people folk gawking at it:

(Look, I'm no Spielberg, but that's a damn fine video.)

Paddle boat
I dubbed thee the S.S. Minnow. Expectations were mixed.

We rented a paddle boat, since we'd never done it before (rented a paddle boat, that is). They tell you you get thirty minutes, but they trust you to just come back on time. We got paranoid so we didn't venture too far from the dock. Plus, the steering mechanism was less than effective, and it was like trying to navigate the Titanic around an iceberg. We finally stopped in the middle of the lake, peeled an orange, and vegged out. I think our total time was about twenty-two minutes, but I'm not sure. Time has no meaning when you're drifting in the middle of a lake. We also nearly got stuck in some submerged branches, largely because we could barely steer around them. Fortunately we were distracted by some turtles sunning themselves on a log, which I neglected to get a picture of.

Okay, enough blathering, here's the photo gallery: