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for Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hey! Where are the comics?!

That's what you're thinking, right? No? Well, I bet you are now, simply because you just read that.

So here's the deal: You may or may not have noticed the website got a complete overhaul. Most of the changes happened on the backend. Among those changes was something I've been wanting to do for years: put the comics in the database. Why? Another change you might have noticed is the search bar. Have you tried searching? Go on, try it, I'll wait.

Didn't return much, did it? Well, that's because when I say put the comics in the database, I mean that quite literally; the images are now being stored in the database along with the necessary meta data required to make search happen. (Search, by the way, is a prerequisite to making the shop an actual thing.) And I decided, if I was going to upload each comic to the database, I might as well clean them up a bit first.

This is my Star Wars: Special Edition. Yes, I'm George Lucasing things up. Speech ballons are being replaced, wayward lines and smudges removed, and the final image dimensions standardized. (My templates have changed over time, mostly due to computer crashes that necessitated recreating them from sratch. Today they're backed up.) I'm taking great care to not change any wording, regardless of how cringeworthy it may be; no "Han shot first" for me, thank you.

In light of all that, these things take time. As of this writing, I've finished through July of 2000. Only another thirteen years to go.

So will I ever do new comics again? Oh, sure. It's just that this is my current priority. And if you look at the completed work thus far, I think you'll agree the results are an improvement over the originals. So bear with me, and enjoy the fruits as they come.