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Cover Photo About The Photo

I like to change the photograph regularly; it's a thing I do, usually around the first of the month. I set it not only on this site, but as my Facebook cover photo, my desktop wallpaper, my phone lockscreen, and even on my Nook. Below is a brief description of why I'm using the photo I'm using.

Ah, October. What would October be without a photo signifying Halloween? Plus, it's pumpkin spice time again. I'll admit, I like the occassional pumpkin spice treat (pumpkin spice Pop Tarts? yes, please!) but some I don't understand (pumpkin spice potato chips? no, thanks). But I definitely have no problems with pumpkin spice lattés. That shit is good!

Also, with any luck, October will be a cooldown in temperature, without the uncomfortably chilly weather of November. Sweater weather is good. Bundled-in-several-layers weather, not so much.

Finally, there's just no way to position this photo in the header and have it look good, so I just let sit there as a big orange blob. Not my first choice, but still looks okay.