Gluten-free since 1996
Michael Andrew Itzoe

About Me

Expect this page to evolve over time as construction continues on the site.

I've been writing and recording my own music since the mid-Eighties, but since 1990, when I began to record in a professional manner, I've released a number of albums. I put my music on hiatus in 2001 when I got married, but I've gotten back into it since my divorce in 2014.

My recordings have always been one-man affairs; I record in my free-time when not working. My albums up to Self-Portrait were all recorded using a Tascam MiniStudio 660, but Comfort And Joy and Self-Portrait II were recorded digitally using a MIDI keyboard controller and a DAW. I have since also been experimenting with a Tascam DP-008EX Digital Portastudio to get back into live recording.

I play all instruments myself, though I've had little formal musical training (I had a couple months of piano and drum each). I'm the first to admit I'm no virtuoso, but I've always said I write what I can play and play what I can write. My instruments include piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, harmonica and melodica. (For what it's worth, I've also attempted to teach myself violin.)

I was born in 1975 in Carmel, Indiana, but I now live in Evansville. By day I'm a mild-mannered computer programmer, and I have a degree in telecommunications. This means I'm able to personally oversee the entire music production process, from writing and recording to layout and design of the packaging to marketing and promotion, including this web site.

I'm always interested to hear what my fans, or even curious onlookers, have to say. Please feel free to drop me a line at Although I do read all mail, personal replies cannot be guaranteed.