Underwhelming since 1996
Michael Andrew Itzoe

I Miss Dancing With You

From the Michael Andrew album Michael Andrew
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


This was originally the title of a short story by Jonathon Winters, but I kept it filed away in the back of my head for years. I envisioned a lonely soul on the beach dancing with himself, pretending his loved one is there. Of course the song begs questions that are never answered: Where did she go? Why did she go? Will she ever come back? We'll never know.

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Last night I danced alone
In the dark, by the sea
And though I was alone
I imagined you with me
And the waves sang a chorus
And the wind a melody
And the stars were shining for us
Till I realized it was only me
In the dark, by the sea
But I held you until the song was through
Because I miss dancing with you
I miss dancing with you