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Michael Andrew Itzoe

I'll Make You Cry

From the Michael Andrew album Four Play
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


This was sitting around for about six or seven years. Originally it had more of a boogie beat, it never played well so it stayed on a shelf. I was looking for something different, so I pulled this out and touched it up a little. I think it was about an ex-girlfriend, but I honestly can't remember now. I must admit, it's a bit more swaggering than I'm used to.


You say you don't want another lover
You say you don't want another friend
But come off it girl, you're losing your mind
And you're taking me down with you

You say you don't know what you're doing
But I think you had it all planned
So come off it girl, you're breaking my heart
And you're tearing my soul in two

You say you want me so bad
But if you treat me that way
I'll sit you down and I'll make you cry
I'm the best that you ever had
That's why I didn't want to say
If you don't stop, girl I'll make you cry

You say you don't know what I'm saying
But girl, I can read between the lines
Your playing me down won't catch my eye
You're losing my faith

I used to think I didn't have an answer
But now I know you're playing with my mind
So come off it girl, I can see through your mask
And I don't like your ways

I've had enough of looking away
I can't look away no more
I'm taking about all I can take
I've had enough of your lying
I might have to let you go
I'm tired of feeling helpless
I didn't want to come to this
But girl, your heart is going to break