Gluten-free since 1996
Michael Andrew Itzoe

Until My Ship Comes In

From the Michael Andrew album Four Play
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


This one really has the dumbest story behing it. I was walking on the Indiana University one spring day, and through the window of a passing car I heard what sounded like a Japanese pop song. Didn't understand a word, but the melody caught my ear. I started humming it, but realized I hadn't heard enough to really know what to hum. Before long, I was humming what eventually became "When My Ship Comes In." I started writing the words right there in my mind, and committed them to paper not long thereafter. The tune is probably nothing like what I heard through that window, but it's pretty much what I ended up humming that day.


You know I can't promise you gold
No diamonds to hold
No pleasure cruise or weekend holiday
I know I can't bring you your dreams
No get-rich-quick schemes
Only three words that I can give away

All that I can give
Is this life that I live
You'll have it all, but I don't know when
And all that I have
Is this heart full of love
I'll give it all to you
Until the day when my ship comes in

You know my intentions are good
I've done all that I could
I only wish that I could do more
And though you say you don't mind the wait
I'll just be second-rate
If I can't give something worth waiting for

Every day brings a new tomorrow
Yesterday is far behind
If I ever find a way out of this life
You will be the queen by my side