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Monday, January 5, 2009

Whew, that was a nice vacation. What month is it, anyway? I guess I shouldn't be surprised with myself for not posting in a while, but I still feel something resembling either shame or regret. I always mean to do it, then don't.

Anyway, Christmas was pleasant, as was the New Year. Now the hardest part is getting back into the swing of things. Man, two four-day weekends really do a number on your workday motivation, especially coupled with a new year. I hit the ground running today, but I'm already tired. Yeesh.

I wouldn't exactly use the word avoid, but I tend to, um, shy away from resolutions, mostly because I know more often than not they're not going to be followed. Sure, I've made some, most having to do with my health (natch), but they're not — hopefully — so over-arching they can't be followed. Time will tell, at any rate. And if I make another post here, I kept at least one.