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Sons, fathers and religion

Friday, October 26, 2007

This wasn't a very good day, but I feel compelled to at least share the one funny thing that did happen.

The first part isn't the funny part. I found out this morning my father is back in the hospital due to a bad reaction to his chemo. So of course I'm worried as all get out.

And I'm sitting at work, and a co-worker comes to my desk and tells me, "There's a priest and a nun here to see you."

Oh no.

Oh, God no.

It's amazing how quick you are to embrace religion in a moment like that. I was prepared to open negotiations with the priest acting as a mediator if need be.

But, no, thank God. This is the funny part. They were there to see the other Mike in the office. They're his clients.

I can't begin to tell you the adrenaline that was rushing through me. It's amazing how worked up you get; it took me nearly an hour to calm down.

So I told the story to my dad. He thought it was pretty funny.

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